Whyte Notation

The Whyte Notation is a way of classifying steam locomotives - particularly their wheel arrangements.

Here are excellent Wiki entries: Whyte notation and Wheel arrangement

I was intrigued by the many graphics in the table. Someone must have taken the time to generate the nearly ninety (90) separate images.

I wanted to be able to generate my own images based on entering the wheel arrangement.

Here is an example of a schematic generated from notation 4-6-2+2-6-4

Double Pacific (Garratt):

Another representation using only characters: ooOOOo+oOOOoo

You can make your own custom wheel arrangements. Choose wheel size, wheel colour, background colour (or transparent), amount of margin. The image can be saved.

This tool may be useful for those wanting to create their own web pages and to incorporate wheel schematic images.

These images are generated to mimic as closely as possible those on the Wiki page.

Revised 6 Nov 2018