Travel Optimizer

When taking a trip using public transportation such as bus, train, and perhaps yet another bus it is helpful to find the best combination of departure times to minimize total wait time. The different modes of transport usually operate at different intervals. Sometimes leaving a bit earlier or later can result in major synchronization issues between the modes.

This utility helps you to decide what the optimal travel times are. It does so by merging and sequencing several departure and arrival times lists, incorporating inter-modal walk (or idle) times, and looking for a total minimum of such delays. Departure and trip times are entered by the user.

Departure times can be entered using several formats:

- hour:minute - in 12 hour (followed by 'a' or 'p') or 24 hour format

- hour only - in 12 hour (followed by 'a' or 'p') or 24 hour format

- Times are separated by a space, comma, or new-line.

- 'Trip' time and 'Walk' time are entered in minutes. Trip means the duration. Walk time includes walking and/or waiting between conveyances or walking to the destination.

- When departure times are at regular intervals you can enter the 'Every' interval (in minutes) and the 'until' time when the sequence ends. This list will be generated to follow the last departure time that's already present.

- 'Last Arrival' - enter this time to eliminate trips that would place the final arrival time beyond it.

- 'Wait Times' - click this checkbox to see times between conveyances excluding walks. These are shown in parentheses.

Up to five modes of transportation are accommodated.

Sample Screen

Revised 19 Nov 2020