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Recent Additions

APL related stuff (Jun 6/21)

Travel Optimizer - A utility to consolidate multiple transit schedules to find the combination that minimizes wait times.This is helpful when buses, trains, etc. operate at different intervals. (Nov 19/20)

HD44780 LCD Controller - A utility to generate custom messages in LCD font. This partially simulates the popular controller and LCD screen. (Oct 31/20)

Barcode Generator - A utility to make UPC barcodes. A little demonstration platform for new SVG generator JavaScript library. I hope to incorporate SVG image format availability for several projects here. (Jul 25/20)

Reuleaux Polygon - An interesting geometric figure that can roll on a surface smoothly, i.e. its opposing edge does not oscillate in height above the surface. Hint: it's not a circle. (Jul 1/20)

ISO Paper Size Identifier - A tool to identify a piece of paper's ISO 216 International Standard size designation. (Jun 30/20)

Compass Rose - A program to generate Compass Rose patterns. (Apr 25/20)

Colossus Display Simulator - a utility to mimic the look of the supercomputer 'Colossus' from the 1970 movie "Colossus: The Forbin Project". This is partly as a commemoration of Colossus' 50th birthday. (Apr 13, 2020)

Colour Picker - A utility to determine colour of a pixel from an image (Mar 13/20)

- written Dec 5/18 but not released until Mar 13/20

Hicks’ Hexagon Generator - A utility to create the iconic geometric pattern that was seen on the carpet in the Overlook Hotel in the 1980 move "The Shining". (Apr 13/20)