Documentation for Hicks’ Hexagon Generator


The primary control for the pattern size is the parameter 'Primitive Cell Width'. The units are pixels.

The Primitive Cell is the minimum rectangular section that contains the entire pattern. This is replicated horizontally and vertically to tile the plane.

It can be exported as an image - for use as a desktop background or in a web page as background image. The image is tiled by the browser to fill the entire window.

To export it right-click on the small image (ctrl+click on a Mac) to "Save Image As". The image format is PNG.

The Ideal Ratio is the exact proportion of height-to-width. Since it's an irrational number (one factor is the square root of 3), the dimensions expressed in integer pixels is the closest possible. The user specifies the Primitive Cell Width. Its height is then calculated accordingly.



Image Width and Height control the size of the main canvas. This is the area where the pattern is rendered.

If the dimensions are increased beyond 640x480 the display will only show a 640x480 section. The image can be scrolled. The expressed size is honoured when saved.

The main canvas image can be saved in a number of different formats as supported by the browser. PNG and JPEG are usually available. Some browsers may also offer GIF, BMP, TIFF and WepP. To export it right-click on the main canvas area (ctrl+click on a Mac) to "Save Image As".



Line/Gap, Cell, and Hex parameters control the feature ratios.

For the 'standard' Overlook Hotel carpet design the Line/Gap is 1. That means the orange line has the same width as the black gap.

Cell is set to 4. This means the hexagonal cul-de-sac or room has a width 4 times the gap width.

Hex is set to 2. This means there is a black moat around the dark red hexagon that has a width total of 2 gaps (1 on each side). If this is set to zero it means no mote. The hexagon would be at maximum size. Its maximum setting is equal to Cell size at which point the hexagon would have zero size.



Here the colours are chosen. They can be expressed as HTML colour name, HEX value, HSL value, RGBA value, or HSLA value.

Bkgnd - Background. This is black in the 'standard pattern'.

Line - This is the orange feature in the 'standard' pattern.

Hexagon - This is the dark red sold hexagon shape in the 'standard pattern'



Stripes - This is where additional coloured lines can be overlaid. In the example below a 50% width stripe is added over the main line. In this sample the proportions and colours emulate a wallpaper design found.



That completes the documentation on the most important features.

For bonus features Shift X,Y, Tile, Auto Shift, Grout Colour and Grout Line Size see next page.

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Revised 4 Apr 2020