'The Shining' Overlook Hotel Carpet


The movie "The Shining" (1980) took place at the 'Overlook Hotel' that had an iconic carpet pattern. This pattern has subsequently been reproduced on T-shirts, mugs, towels, pillow cases, wallpaper. It was originally designed by David Hicks (1929-1998). The carpet was already in production in the 1960s.

Up until now it was not easy to generate the pattern - for example to use as background for windows on a PC or smartphone.

Here is a tool that can do just that. Free. Nothing else to download and install. It works on home computers (PC or Mac) as well as smartphones and tablets. JavaScript needs to be enabled in your browser.

The many examples found on commercially available products show that the proportions of line widths and size of hexagon shapes vary from the movie's exact pattern. Of course for wallpaper one expects a variety of colours. Replica movie prop carpets, designs on mugs, etc. are not always precise. They are "inspired by" or "a homage to" and therefore can differ in feature proportions and colour.

Even though some companies are a "license holder of the original Hicks’ Hexagon design" they use a design with slightly different proportions than that seen in the movie.

This Hicks’ Hexagon Generator has parameters to produce most variations.

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Revised 4 Apr 2020